The Value of Extrapreneurship for Finance Professionals

Many finance professionals are now finding themselves at a crossroads – the traditional ways of doing business is fast being phased out by Fintech. Not only will this make the skill set of experienced finance executives obsolete, they run the risk of being left behind if they do not upskill and adapt themselves to the evolving world of finance today.

Last year, global Fintech investment hit a record US$111.8 bil according to a KPMG report, which clearly demonstrates the demand for Fintech and digital finance. So how do existing finance executives obtain the requisite skills to survive in this brave new world?

The idea of extrapreneurship is one that is new, but one that is well-suited to many finance professionals. Not having to quit their jobs, they can pick up skills that come naturally to an entrepreneur such as resilience, adaptability and thinking outside of the box. Can you learn entrepreneurship? We certainly believe so!

As a framework of experiential learning, extrapreneurship lets professionals undergo training which replicates the intensity of a high growth startup. Not only does this allow them to experience what it is like within a fast-paced Fintech environment, it will expose them to typical challenges faced by such companies.

As a result, the experience should help to cement an entrepreneurial mindset into participants. These finance professionals can apply such skills within their existing jobs, especially if their company is looking to transform or delve into Fintech or digital solutions.

Join our CFTE Extrapreneurship Programme which has been created to respond to this need. The programme allows professionals to experience entrepreneurship by working on a strategic issue of high growth startups, with Revolut and Shift Technology being part of our previous programme. Applications are currently open.

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